[nycbug-talk] our best virtual member?

Sunny Dubey sunny-ml
Thu Aug 5 23:12:55 EDT 2004

On Thursday 05 August 2004 22:49, George Rosamond wrote:
>   Well, there are many pictures of NYCBUG you could get.
> At the monthly meetings.
> At the bar afterwards.
> On the talk list.
> But our #nycbug on freenode may be the most interesting. . .
> we have a 'member' who's a very talented young tech, who despises Apple,
> has never been to a meeting, yet is probably responsible for 90% of the
> irc traffic. . .
> http://opencurve.org/~sunny/irc/stats/nycbug.html


a few points:

first, the version of onis I'm using is outdated, I should probably upgrade

secondly, the stats look really funny because I just started logging and 
generating stats sometime this afternoon while bored at work.  Given enough 
conversation and enough time, they will look like any other stats pages.

I can give anyone logs of the channel, but they are in irssi format

> Yes, it's our buddy Sunny. . .Thanks Sunny. ..we'll have to have this on
> the site. . .

you can have nycbug.org pull the page every 40 mins or so, because thats how 
often the page is regenerated.  I could "push" the file too, but thats 

> Is it running on UML?  I hope you have backups. . .<g>

I think you're having a hard time accepting UML to be totally kickass 
technology ... I shall have to get my hitmen after you .... :^P

Sunny Dubey

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