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Okan Demirmen okan
Tue Aug 10 10:41:50 EDT 2004

On Tue 2004.08.10 at 10:26 -0400, marco at metm.org wrote:
> This is a question and a suggestion.
> What are the best mailing lists to be on to get information?  
> What BSD mailing lists do you guys read most frequently?
> (other than nycbug which is a given)
> freebsd-questions ? openbsd-misc ? 
> are there some harder to find ones which are real gems?

browse through http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/ ...for openbsd, i'd
say misc@, ports@ and tech@ at the least for some humor and good
info. some of the other openbsd lists are good, depending on how
close you wish to follow the project. (i.e. source-changes@ - great
for watching the evolution)

my $.02 for openbsd lists ;)

> I have often found that people have their own personal little stash of
> mailing lists, and email is often one of the best ways of getting
> information.  Perhaps I am old fashioned but I have always prefered news
> and email to 'online forums'
> Would a list of email lists and their different characters be a good
> addition to the links page?
> -- 
> Marco
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