[nycbug-talk] OpenBSD quick install from FreeBSD perspective?

Isaac Levy ike
Wed Aug 11 20:23:04 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I had a quick question re. OpenBSD installs, coming from a long love of 

Basiclly, say I've got my OpenBSD install tweaked and all set to 
install (and re-install on hardware in the event of something 
catastrophic), but I want to come up with some way to pre-format the 
partitions on a clean wipe of a machine.

This may sound like a dumb question, but I was thinking about it from 
the perspective of the FreeBSD installer, which gives fine 
auto-defaults for partition sizes, and the install is nearly 
muscle-memory at this point...

Or, am I missing something cooler/simpler alltogether?  Are my 
pre-conceived notions getting in my own way here?

Any urls, or tricks, tips, or man page references greatly appreciated!


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