[nycbug-talk] Flash petition 479 and counting. . .

Pete Wright pete
Tue Aug 17 18:43:24 EDT 2004

alex at pilosoft.com wrote:

>OK. I'm macromedia project manager in charge of Flash. I see 500 bsd users
>who want flash for bsd. My techs say its ~200 manhours [optimistic
>estimate] to do the port, proper release engineering, documentation, etc.
>Would I do it? Hell no, it additional exposure to flash just isn't worth
>it to the company.
>Basic math: 10k$ to port. say, 10000 users to gain. Can Macromedia expect 
>revenue from their products to justify it? Unlikely.
do they from the linux players....flash player is still free right?

>Unfortunately, BSD users are just *too damn small of a user base* to care
>about for a company that wants to take money. Get used to it.

Heh, I agree with most of your points.  But if I remember correctly 
there are ports of flash to IRIX and AIX (%99 sure about IRIX).  Those 
are not exactly huge customer segments.  Now granted, who knows what 
deal SGI and macromedia have (SGI testers for flash etc.) but I am sure 
the BSD folks can muster something up to help them out....I hope the 
code is not that unportable to make it such a huge deal to move it to 
another OS.

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