[nycbug-talk] Flash petition 479 and counting. . .

alex at pilosoft.com alex
Tue Aug 17 16:53:07 EDT 2004

> Gee. . .I had you confused with a guy who ran a colo facility in
> downtown Manhattan. . .

> > Basic math: 10k$ to port. say, 10000 users to gain. Can Macromedia
> > expect revenue from their products to justify it? Unlikely.
> >
> > Unfortunately, BSD users are just *too damn small of a user base* to
> > care about for a company that wants to take money. Get used to it.
> Agree it's an uphill battle with desktop software, although note
> Mozilla, OpenOffice, etc.  But of course those are open source projects.
> However, it's also true that on the backend Oracle, has given more
> attention to the BSDs.  And apparently Intel is now calling the OpenBSD
> developers, instead of them chasing Intel people.
Server != desktop. People notice that in server space, BSD is well 

> But that's still not desktop closed source software . . .
> Still doesn't hurt to make the effort. . .
Sure - just don't expect result. Frankly - I don't remember any 
petitiononline that achieved any result other than venting the 


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