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Thu Aug 19 21:40:38 EDT 2004

I intend to try it, I turned off the machine when I left the office though so I could not try it right away, have to wait till tomorrow otherwise I would have tried and not asked. Believe me I think I have typed every possible command that I found in the handbook and on the freebsddiary site, twice, its a wonder the machine even still boots after 2 days with me typing arbitraty commands and ee'ing into every .conf file I read about :). 

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>On Thu, Aug 19, 2004 at 09:27:31PM -0400, freebsd wrote:
>> So I telnet in, log in with a regular username and password, then type su and <enter>, then I will be prompted for the root password?
>Try it and see.  :)
>Often, that is the best way to learn. 
>I'm not being unsympathetic to your nervousness here.  Judging from your
>posts, you want to learn, but aren't yet quite sure how to go about it.
>One other excellent resource is the FreeBSD handbook--you can purchase a
>copy and also find it online at http://www.freebsd.org
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