[nycbug-talk] g4u

Kevin Reiter tux
Mon Aug 23 10:26:35 EDT 2004

> not sure you want to use PXE to load that much data.  it can dole out a
> bootable system image.  to restore from there i'm not sure what you
> would do, i guess it depends on what your system layout is.  I like to
> use bacula or (even XFS dumps on linux/irix) for system restores
> because each provide fairly quick searchable restore procedures.

That's what I thought, which is why I didn't consider it when looking for
alternative imaging apps.  It's probably great for getting a bootable system
up and running, but as far as the disaster recovery scenario, it's pretty
useless.  I'll play with bacula more when I have some free time to RTFM :)


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