[nycbug-talk] Holiday Party

Sunny Dubey sunny-ml
Wed Dec 8 09:10:10 EST 2004

On Wednesday 08 December 2004 00:06, G. Rosamond wrote:

> The RSVP list is stunning, to say the least.
> Name the big firm in NYC and there are technology people from it.  From
> AT&T, IBM, AIG, Goldman, and so on.  It looks like we're getting the
> 'best and the brightest' at the event.


Since when did people from big firms become intelligent ?  I can think of lots 
of hopelessly stupid-beyond-belief people working at big companies/firms/etc.  
And with the same token I can think of lots of very intelligent people 
working at small firms/SMB's/etc.

Most of the folks of NYCBUG aren't from big firms, yet I could easily hold 
them to a higher light than some mindless sysadmin from a Wall St. corp.

Its not a question of being anti-large corporations.  Rather its about setting 
the right tone for this party, keeping things in perspective, and not 
engaging in meaningless amounts of professionalism.

Sunny Dubey
(a very small fish, and proud of it)

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