[nycbug-talk] Asus 2500H BIOS setup hot key?

G T unixenigma
Sat Dec 18 21:57:52 EST 2004

Here is some of the things you can try
However, I found out that it has Award Bios there so it must enter bios with just 'del'
The best way to find out is to check the boot screen and press 'esc' to get rid of logo and press 'pause' to freeze the screen to see the actual hotkey or bios version.
Try some stuff, I hope you'll find something.
Here are some hotkeys:
The Delete key is the most common.
Press Delete during boot = AMI, Award BIOS
Press Esc during boot = Toshiba
Press F1 during boot = Toshiba; Phoenix; Late model PS/1 Value Point and 330s
Press F10 when cursor jumps to top right-hand corner of screen = Compaq
Press F10 when logo screen is displayed = Compaq
Press F2 during boot = NEC
Press Insert during boot = IBM PS/2 with reference partition
Press Tab during boot = Emachine
Press Reset button twice = some Dells
Ctrl Alt + = Misc computers
Ctrl Alt ? = Some PS/2s, such as 75 and 90
Ctrl Alt Enter = Dell
Ctrl Alt Esc = AST Advantage, Award, Tandon
Ctrl Alt Ins = Zenith, Phoenix
Ctrl Alt S = Phoenix
Ctrl Alt Shift + Num Pad Del = Olivetti PC Pro
Ctrl Esc = Misc computers
Ctrl Ins = some PS/2s when pointer at top right of screen
For some Phoenix BIOS:
To tell if your computer has a Phoenix BIOS, watch the screen carefully when you boot. One of the first lines to
appear contains the word "Phoenix." 
1.If you are in Windows, exit to DOS. 
2 .Press Ctrl+Alt+Esc. The setup screen appears. If you have made certain changes to your system,
or are having certain problems with your system, this may not work. If Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Esc
doesn't open the setup program, follow these steps: 
1.(Leave the computer switched on.) Use the key to lock the keyboard. 
2.Press the Reset button on the front of the computer. A message appears asking you to unlock the
3.Unlock the keyboard and press F2 to run the CMOS setup. 
4.Press Del. This brings up the CMOS setup program. 
If you have an EISA computer:
1.Press the Reset button on the front of the computer, then press Ctrl+Alt+Esc immediately when the
memory count begins. If this conbination doesn't work, use Crtl+Alt+S. 
Many AST 486's require CTRL-ALT-ESC 
Generally Compaq Setup can be entered by hitting the 'F10' key when booting up. As soon
as you see the cursor go to the upper right hand side of the screen, hit 'F10'. Compaq setup
program resides on a small partition on the hard drive and if you have fdisked and
reformatted or installed a new hard drive you will need to use the Compaq setup program
from here: Compaq Setup Download http://www5.compaq.com/support/files/wsdsfr.html
Older Dells (486 models) require you to enter the sequence: CTRL-ALT-ENTER 
Hewlett Packard 
Pentium Systems: Hold down the F1 key upon startup/bootup 
IBM ThinkPad 
ThinkPad using IBM BIOS (Early Models):
Press CTRL-ALT-INS when cursor is in upper-right corner of screen
ThinkPad using IBM BIOS (Later Models):
Press and hold F1 key while powering-up laptop
ThinkPad using Phoenix BIOS:
Press CTRL-ALT-F11 from DOS prompt

Packard Bell 
Early models (386,486) require the sequence Ctrl-ALT-S at any time 
NEC Versa Notebooks 
Hold down the F1 key upon startup/bootup 
EC Versa Notebooks 
Hold down the F1 key upon startup/bootup 
Other Common BIOS Key Sequences 
Ctrl S = Phoenix
Ctrl Shift Esc = Tandon 386

Louis Bertrand <louis at bertrandtech.ca> wrote:
Does anyone know how to enter the setup of an ASUS notebook 2500H?
I have a friend whose trying to install Linux. Yes, I'm trying
to talk him out of it, but I figure one less Windows machine is
a step in the right direction :)


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