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G T unixenigma
Wed Dec 22 12:31:03 EST 2004

I just got Proxim AP-2000 with all kits and combocard
gold 8480-wd. I was really disappointed. Range was
(inside) like 30 feet. PC-card is 
claiming to run at 100mW - runs only at 30mW. My
connection strength 
dropped to 'good' when I went to the next room (B
range had to be 1750 feet 
open clear space). I called customer service and was
transfered to India (no 
news). Guy had no clue! He even told to put my gold
pc-card into AP to 
check range and power output. WHAT?!?! 
Security features are most of them useless without
dedicated server.
I could be wrong or got faulty AP, but I did check
power outputs of kits and 
found out they are the same as Linksys (even less by
1dBm), D-Link and 
other ones. A at about 14 dBm and B/G at 15 or 16 dBm.
B network or G sux at my building i have like 40% CRC
packet errors, with A was ok.
My conclusion - PROXIM sux! (plus customer service
Can someone advice me a nice tri-mode AP and pc-card
(compatible with 
OBSD would be nice) I have my eyes on Linksys WAP55AG,
however I hate 
their firewall router that I have (had to use third
party firmware to make it 
going) I need nice range and reliable service.

Thanks a million.

p.s. I am returning AP to the seller (got it cheap -
 all setup for around $360 - got crap :( )


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