[nycbug-talk] NYCBUG LIbrary

G. Rosamond george
Mon Feb 2 10:09:28 EST 2004

->i actually pre-ordered "The Complete FreeBSD, 4th ed." and I've gotta 
->say the book is great!  Is that too short of a review ;)  I will 
->actaully try to make a more comprehensive review based on my 
->integrating FreeBSD into our network, and how this volume has 
->helped me 
->in doing that.  So, should these reviews be written in 
->Abiword and sent 
->as an attachment to the list, or would you all rather have them sent 
->inline via email?
->    -pete

i think text (easily convertible to html) or pdf. . .

we should get a committee together on the site at feb 4th meeting.


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