[nycbug-talk] library issue. . .

G. Rosamond George
Mon Feb 2 16:26:12 EST 2004

what michael is talking about is pretty straight-forward, although we do
not have the "infrastructure" yet. . .1.  we get review copy of book from vendor.

2.  book goes to volunteer in nycbug, who agrees to read and provide a
review online.
3.  nycbug members reviews and posts review on nycbug site.

4.  reviewer keeps book, or puts back in the pool.

i don't see reviews competing with the new york times book review section,
but more on the slashdot.org level.  what's useful.  what's not.  under
500 words, i'd guess.
how does everyone feel about that process.

at the feb 4th meeting, we'll put together a committee to redo site, with
software and book review sections. . .
btw, i'll get a proposed agenda out to all tonight for feb 4th meeting.


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G. Rosamond
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