[nycbug-talk] XFS support in FreeBSD

Trish Lynch trish
Tue Feb 3 17:36:12 EST 2004

On Mon, 2 Feb 2004, Paul Dlug wrote:

> There's JFS for FreeBSD, the development site was at:
> http://jfs4bsd.sourceforge.net/
> But according to the page it's been moved into the FreeBSD project
> itself, though I can't find a reference to that. It's somewhat similar
> to XFS. I'm not sure what benefits XFS/JFS would have to
> UFS2+softupdates other than providing another choice. I'm sure
> softupdates aren't ideal in all cases so XFS may fill some niche areas
> or at least pacify the linux advocates who state "but *BSD doesn't even
> have a journalling filesystem." The journaled filesystem vs.
> softupdates debate is taking place at the DragonFly BSD project right
> now, though it looks like they're leaning toward journalling for
> simplified development and debugging.
> --Paul

in 1998 (or was it 1999) at USENIX there was a paper where Margo Seltzer
and Kirk McKusick took a look at softupdates and logging/journalling
filesystems and performance for certain types of operations.

There are clear reasons why one would want to use one over the other.
Journalling and "Soft" metadata dependencies are not there just because
someone wanted to save time at boot ;)


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