[nycbug-talk] "orgcom"

G. Rosamond george
Mon Feb 9 00:00:56 EST 2004

today was the second meeting of the various user groups in the new york
area looking to organize a conference to replace fleeing linuxexpo and

it was long, very long, some four hours.

but it did include some 20 people who came out with some basic steps
that are important for moving forward.

first, we agreed on a broad mission statement.  i don't have the copy in
front of me right now, but i'll email out tomorrow once i get the
meeting notes.

second, we agreed to startup appropriate committees including outreach,
mission/naming, legal status, and appointed 2 basic coordinators for
putting together the next meeting.

there are others who can comment further who are on the talk/nycbug
list, as a number were there representing other groups.

but at this point, we agreed to open the list up to anyone interested.
be warned, much of the discussion is a bit over-detailed oriented, and a
decent amount of flamming has occured.  but if you interested, join up.
just go to lists.nycbug.org, and join orgcom.

as the orgcom list has opened up, outside of some periodic updates on
the progress, this will be the last time i bore everyone with this.


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