[nycbug-talk] Meeting Location

G. Rosamond george
Mon Feb 9 00:09:30 EST 2004

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->Unfortunately, those are the largest rooms in our facility. 
->If future meetings are going to be structured around a 
->speaker and gather larger attendance, that space won't work. 
->But, the space does work well for things like installfests 
->where we can spread into multiple rooms.
->Wish I had more space, because the location is good, even for 
->out of towners. The reality is that with the 1/9 on Seventh 
->and 23rd, it's easy from Penn and PA ... the only place it's 
->not easy from is Grand Central... with that you need to walk 
->two/three blocks over for the 4/5/6 or N/R, or shuttle across 
->to the 1/9. _______________________________________________
(wes). . .

wes, couldn't we just knock down a few walls?

seriously, any other recommendations for space?  i think sagesecure is a
great space, but we need something slightly larger. . .

is it enough to just fit more chairs and remove more tables?


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