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Pete Wright pete
Mon Feb 9 09:29:29 EST 2004

G. Rosamond wrote:

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>->Unfortunately, those are the largest rooms in our facility. 
>->If future meetings are going to be structured around a 
>->speaker and gather larger attendance, that space won't work. 
>->But, the space does work well for things like installfests 
>->where we can spread into multiple rooms.
>->Wish I had more space, because the location is good, even for 
>->out of towners. The reality is that with the 1/9 on Seventh 
>->and 23rd, it's easy from Penn and PA ... the only place it's 
>->not easy from is Grand Central... with that you need to walk 
>->two/three blocks over for the 4/5/6 or N/R, or shuttle across 
>->to the 1/9. _______________________________________________
>(wes). . .
>wes, couldn't we just knock down a few walls?
>seriously, any other recommendations for space?  i think sagesecure is a
>great space, but we need something slightly larger. . .
>is it enough to just fit more chairs and remove more tables?
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honestly for me the w23rd location is great, altho i live off the F and 
work on 22nd and 5th ;)  has anything come from trying to get the 
tekserve people to give us some space?  next time i'm over there i'll 
ask, and see what we might be able to get setup...maybe if we have 
enough people bugging them they'll finally break down ;^)


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