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Megan Restuccia megan.restuccia
Mon Feb 9 17:39:10 EST 2004

Is there a Barnes & Nobles in the area, or a Kinko's... Usually you can hold
meetings at B&N just by reserving an area in advance (usually without cost),
otherwise the Kinko's conference rooms are usually a pretty decent size.

The SageSecure room is a good size though, I think those chairs took up a
lot more room than necessary.  Is there anyway to get some benches?

Hope this sparks some ideas!
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I don't know how often this would work but how would everyone feel about
two 30 minute sessions? I mean well split our group in half and use the
two rooms across from each other. After 30 minutes or so take a break
and swap speakers.

Wes Sonnenreich wrote:

>>->However all things being equal; if you find a better location that
>>->offers enough space and the price is right then I doubt if
>>->anyone would
>>we should look. . .wes, is there anything larger available at 116 w
>Unfortunately, those are the largest rooms in our facility. If future
>meetings are going to be structured around a speaker and gather larger
>attendance, that space won't work. But, the space does work well for
>things like installfests where we can spread into multiple rooms.
>Wish I had more space, because the location is good, even for out of
>towners. The reality is that with the 1/9 on Seventh and 23rd, it's easy
>from Penn and PA ... the only place it's not easy from is Grand Central...
>with that you need to walk two/three blocks over for the 4/5/6 or N/R, or
>shuttle across to the 1/9.
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