[nycbug-talk] www.deadly.org artical

G. Rosamond george
Tue Feb 10 22:12:36 EST 2004

->It looks like the announcement was posted a little late on deadly. :(
->Anyway it is still a good opportunity to promote the group 
->through comments on the article. Maybe someone could post 
->some comments about the large turnout, good speakers, 4am 
->carousing, etc.


i agree.  i was a bit confused by the tenses, then i realized it was
your original meeting announcement. . .pretty funny.  i think even
posting a link to the /pastevents.html section of nycbug might be good.
. .pictures, audio, meeting notes.

things are moving in the right direction.  there's a flurry of activity
going on day-to-day by a good number of people related to nycbug.
hopefully our future meetings will be posted earlier by them (and daemon
news who also posted late, and then have been down).


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