[nycbug-talk] meeting at B&N

Mikel King mikel.king
Wed Feb 11 10:51:09 EST 2004

One other thought, I was in my local Library out on LI last night, and 
they happen to have meeting rooms available, which of course doesn't do 
us any good here in the city, but is there any one who can check out the 
NYPL? The Midtown branch at 40th & 5th would be pretty good.

G. Rosamond wrote:

>->If the meeting is held at B&N perhaps they could put BSD 
>->books on a table 
>->near by which could generate sales for them, and possibly attract the 
>->attention of interested browsers. Also if there is a sign up 
>->in the store 
>->before the meeting it could be helpful in getting the word out.
>i think that's a great motive for b&n. . .
>the problem is getting through to the right people there. . .
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