[nycbug-talk] RE: Close port with no direction to open. Help!!!

Rodrick R. Brown rbrown
Mon Feb 16 08:34:36 EST 2004

You question is quite clear unless your already using the port or
administratively disabled the port by blocking it with ipfilter or such
there is no real way of shutting down a port. 
Try the following 
perl -p -i.bak -e 's/^#pop3/pop3/' /etc/services 
restart inetd 
Try using netstat to verify the pop3 service is listening 
$ netstat -a| grep pop
tcp4       0      0  *.pop3                 *.*                    LISTEN
as this point you should be able to connect to your pop server internally. 
If this isnt working it might be a firewall or such out of your control try
contacting your network administrator for more assistance. 

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> Hi All:
>             I have a FreeBSD with a close port of 110.  I am
> trying to open this up so I can setup pop3 server.  Since 
> this is a FreeBSD machine, I do have any experience with 
> opening ports on this.  Can someone help?
> Matthew
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