[nycbug-talk] RE: Close port with no direction to open.

G. Rosamond george
Tue Feb 17 11:07:39 EST 2004

->> My OS is FreeBSD 5.0, which is pretty new.  I think that 
->might be the 
->> problem.  It might have port 110 close by default for some reason 
->> (maybe for security reason).  I will try 4.9 version and see.
->Hrm, I ran a mail-server briefly on 5.2 without any issues of 
->25 and 110 being closed by default.  Heh, that's a lot of 
->help, isn't it?

to be honest. . .i'm a bit confused.

did you try telnet'g to 110?  there shouldn't be any issues in the
default install.


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