[nycbug-talk] list protocol. . .

G. Rosamond george
Wed Feb 18 00:03:02 EST 2004

some people are new to lists, some are just sloppy (like me).

but some people use pine, some use outlook.

here's some helpful advice on posting on this and other lists. . .

1.  no top posting.

this means don't reply to a message and start replying at the top of the
text.  it's hard to follow the flow of the discussion if you're using a
text mua.

2.  quoting others is for useful reference to the discussion.  keep this
in mind if you are getting the digest version of this list.

3.  and on a more general NYCbug (yes, nice) level, RTFM (read the f'g
manual) is an inappropriate response to anyone.  this list is open to
all, and part of nycbug's goal is to provide a bridge to newer *BSD
users.  if something is obvious to a responder who has some decades of
bsd experience, then please provide a link to online documentation to
help enlighten the poster.

4.  and here's a useful document on usenet/list etiquette:

http://www.netmeister.org/news/learn2quote.html  (thanks jan)

5.  finally, please don't complain about those who type in all lower
case.  well, please not me at least.  ;-)  but in no case should anyone
type in ALL CAPs.  that means you're shouting, and will be responded to
as such.


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