[nycbug-talk] wlan question. . .

G. Rosamond george
Wed Feb 18 09:09:46 EST 2004

->On Wed, 18 Feb 2004 00:13:48 -0500
->"G. Rosamond" <george at sddi.net> wrote:
->> i may be working out a deal with a local computer store to provide 
->> wireless access in our neighborhood.
->> we'll setup two access points, and look to restrict access by mac 
->> address (yeah, yeah, i know it's spoofable).
->> while i have truly fallen in love with the apple airport 
->(wpa with or 
->> without radius, closed networks, so easy to configure yet so 
->> sophisticated), i may just look to use bsd access points.  
->i've read 
->> through enough of the documentation and don't believe it 
->would be too 
->> monumental a task. . .
->have you considdered buying a bridge(seperate device) for 
->each point and connecting them to the computer via ethernet?  
->they have some advantages:
->1: ethernet is simpler to deal with then wifi.
->2: they generally put out more power then wifi cards.
->3: support becomes a lot simpler
->4: easier to move around

i'm actually visioning a set of pringles cans around the neighborhood,
inconspicuously sitting on fences, etc.

the bridge will be fine for each main ap to boost wifi signal, but i may
need more. . .have to do some testing first.

->I do not think there is a big cost difference between card 
->and bridge.  
->ps this is my second reply to this post, if I do not see the 
->first reply in the morning I will repost.

i received your first post at 12:43 am. . .


anyone else having an issue?


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