[nycbug-talk] RE: Close port with no direction to open. Help!!!

G. Rosamond george
Wed Feb 18 09:14:04 EST 2004

->On 18 Feb 2004 at 0:15, G. Rosamond wrote:
->> ->Examples help.  Anyone care to dig out a few good example threads
->> ->from somewhere?  And some bad examples too.
->> let's not pick on anyone. . .i think the general guidelines 
->should be 
->> instructive enough.
->By all means, don't pick on anyone.  Examples are good to have.  
->"Somewhere" meaning pick an archive, not necessarily our archive....  

got it. . .

->> be nice daniel.
->I'm usually nice.

agree. . .i could probably forward some mail from clients which are
great examples. . .


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