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G. Rosamond george
Wed Feb 18 18:35:27 EST 2004

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->> ->On Wed, 18 Feb 2004, G. Rosamond wrote:
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->> ->> that's funny in some ways, but the reality is that no one
->> ->should panic
->> ->> about inquiring about "stupid questions" on this list.
->> ->
->> ->Labelling a question as stupid says more about the labeller
->> ->than it does the question.  We must not forget what it was 
->> ->like to not know what we know.  Each of us was a newbie.
->> ->
->> ->Lest anyone get their toes in a twist, I am not pointing
->> ->anyone out (indeed, I don't know of anyone I could point out 
->> ->in this regard).  I am just responding to George's reference 
->> ->to stupid questions.
->> that was in quotes. . .no such thing as stupid questions on 
->this list.
->> seems like we're all on the same wavelength, for the most part.
->> g
->Stupid is not what sets me off, lazy is what sets me off.  If 
->someone wants to do something and they get pointed to the 
->docs but does not read
->and still asks for the same answer then I start getting irritated.  

providing a link is telling someone where to find the answer.  not what
the answer is.

i think there's an issue with this to be honest.  not clear on your line
between stupid and lazy.  sounds pretty condescending to me.  i like to
think that this group could congeal into something that bridges the gap
between the newer but eager and the experienced but not withdrawn.  i
know trish thinks otherwise on this later point. . .

while the bsd resources, freebsd handbook, netbsd faq and openbsd
how-to, are awesome, it's not uncommon for people to not understand even
what exactly they are looking for.  the important thing often isn't the
answer, it's the question and how to phrase it.

if you're isolated from other bsd users physically, and i'm including
the internet 'world' which doesn't make up for it, you don't have the
normal human interaction that puts so much of the picture together.

one of the goals of nycbug is to not only educate newer bsd people, but
to give them a common language and framework with which to understand
problem-solving with bsd issues.  we're not talking about what a mouse
is or where to put the cd.  i don't believe the bsd world attracts those
types, and couldn't if it wanted to.

providing a link provides a lot in that direction.  and also the
meetings, including the sometimes drunken discussions after them.


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