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Pete Wright pete
Thu Feb 19 09:19:40 EST 2004

G. Rosamond wrote:

>don't know whether to make the move for a ibook or powerbook.  if i
>purchase new, recommendations.
i'd either go with the 12" powerbook or the G4 ibook...prolly the iBook 
at the end of the day tho b/c of price reasons...

>i realize the ppc world is very different than that of intel.  so how
>concerned should i be about an 800 mhz box?  i've seen comparisons to
>the p iv, p iii, etc, and they seem good.  what about ram?

i don't think you can really compare the PPC chips to the i386 type 
chips head to head.  you gotta really think about the type of work you 
are doing etc...one thing that i really like about the newer PPC's that 
apple uses is the altavec chip support.  there are some really nice 
extensions in there that help with heavy graphics work.  if you are 
planning on running OSX, i can personally state that OS 10.3 is a very 
very nice OS, and runs great on older G3 desktop machines upto G5's, and 
it obviously fully supports the altivec extensions. 

    I run gnu/linux on a G3 tower at work and run's very well.  this is 
the main reason why i can't compare a i386 to a PPC chip, for a box 
that's clocked at 350mhz it seems to run much quicker than say a 800mhz 
i386....maybe that just me.  on a final note of this long rambling 
email, one thing i've noticed w/ all mac laptops is that next to 
Thinkpads, they are the most solid and reliable laptops i've seen. 

so that's my case for apple ;^)


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