[nycbug-talk] FW: Apple at BSD user group?

Chris McCulloh chrislist
Thu Feb 19 17:57:46 EST 2004

> it's important to have a good relation with apple, IMHO, and looking at
> the history of osx would be an excellent meeting topic. 
> maybe we could make this a saturday meeting, and have them bring some
> hardware for us to play with, as wes has mentioned.

Well, I'm an Apple fan personally, have been for ages (even long before
pre-OSX days), and am always interested in what they have to say.  Surely
my opinions don't apply to everybody, but I don't mind putting up with a
brief sales pitch if it truly is only 2 minutes, however, I would hope
that they could make their presentation a bit more technical.  We are
already a BSD user's group, after all.  

I think the suggestion of having them bring tangible products that we
could actually tool around on would definitely make the session
worthwhile.  I think in addition to the history of OSX, I personally would
like to know more about Apple's roadmap for the future, and how they feel
Apple and the BSD communities can benefit postively from each other.  I
might even use the word synergy, if I were a marketing type person... but
thankfully, I'm not.


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