[nycbug-talk] Re: NYCBUG membership/meetings?

G. Rosamond George
Sat Feb 21 20:23:23 EST 2004

A wise person once said. . . Queco Jones
> Hi! :)
> I just found out about this BUG and wonder if I could join.  I only
> have a Mac OS X system though (it is based on FreeBSD), but is it
> "kosher"?

absolutely. . .we are happy to have many os x users in the group.  the
april meeting will be given by an apple engineer.
> What are the steps to membership?  Any fees?

no fees.  join the mailing list for talk at lists.nycbug.org.

> About the meetings, are they open to the public or just to members?  It
>  looks like they're always on a wednesday, but what is the time for
> meetings to start?  How long do they usually run?

all are welcome.  7 pm meetings.  1st wed of the month.  meetings about
1.5-2 hours.
> Anyways, sorry to just dump a bunch of questions on you, but I am
> curious. :)

not a problem.  we look forward to meeting you.


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