[nycbug-talk] Odd file

Pete Wright pete
Tue Feb 24 14:45:57 EST 2004

Hey all,
    I've found a wierd thing happenig on my FreeBSD 5.2-RELEASE box.  
Upon doing a "df" to see how my disks are doing in noticed that my / 
partition was at 108% capaacity!!  woah!  i did a "ls -lh" in / and 
noticed this file:
it is 194 megs...odd.  i've searched google.com/bsd and 
groups.google.com and that did not return anything...has anyone else 
seen this?  i'm kinda at a loss as to where that would come from...maybe 
from a "tar" command that was aborted or something....i'm at a loss.


Pete Wright
email:  pete at nomadlogic.org
mobile: 917.415.9866
web:    www.nomadlogic.org/~pete

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