[nycbug-talk] March 3rd meeting blurb

G. Rosamond George
Fri Feb 27 10:15:19 EST 2004

(this blurb is straight from the pen of roland)

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NYC BSD User Group March Meeting

The CryptoGraphic Disk Device

	Introduced in NetBSD -current and part of the upcoming 2.0
	release, the CryptoGraphic Disk Device (CGD) provides
	cryptographic security for data stored on hard drives.  We
	shall cover the following:

		1.  the high level design of CGD,
		2.  threat models,
		3.  comparison with both other cryptographic disk
		    drivers and file systems, and
		4.  how to use CGD, and make sure that you are
		    using it securely.

	For background information on CGD please refer to

WHEN: Wednesday, March 3rd, 7 pm
WHERE: 116 W. 23rd Street (and 6th Ave), 5th Floor

for more information: www.nycbug.org

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