[nycbug-talk] mad uptime

G.Rosamond george
Sun Jul 4 14:00:31 EDT 2004

On Jul 2, 2004, at 6:17 PM, Sunny Dubey wrote:

> On Friday 02 July 2004 11:33 am, Rick Aliwalas wrote:
>> On Fri, 2 Jul 2004, G. Rosamond wrote:
>>>> some other minor stuff.  Went from BIND4, to BIND8, to BIND9 over 
>>>> the
>>>> years w/o rebooting.  Try that on Windoze!
>>> or on a 'unix-like' system. . .
>> osx I assume?  I went to the osx class here at usenix and got an 
>> extreme
>> headache keeping up with all the windows/icons/drop-downs etc shown to
>> administer the box.  It's so much easier to edit a text file - but the
>> instructor focused on the mac way.  Which is fine but awful hard to
>> follow - for me at least.
> GUI administration at USENIX ? :^)
> Whats worse: this ? or Windows being POSIX compliant ? lol

The reality is that people go both ways.  . .from the gui to cli, and 
vice versa.  There's no set path.

>> It was mentioned a few times how great it was that apple is embracing
>> open source and its positive impact etc etc.  As far as I can tell,
>> apple benefits from oss _far_ more than the other way around.
>> got flamed by some folks in the class when I innocently asked (ok,
>> trolled) what applications are they running that warrant a G5 server 
>> as
>> opposed to a *BSD box.  They came at me hard w/ the old windows 
>> argument
>> that unix cmd-line is too cryptic, the learning curve is to high, its
>> easier to train admins to use a gui,...
> all too true man, all too true ...

Not to beat a dead horse/thread, but a big +1 on that. . .

I remember so many times that the 'cli is dead' has been raised. . .

but somehow, like BSD itself, the trolls are dead wrong.


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