[nycbug-talk] TinyBSD

Pete Wright pete
Wed Jul 21 13:41:31 EDT 2004

peter wright wrote:

> anyone else notice the TinyBSD post today current at freebsd.org today?  
> sounds pretty interesting, the default install is only 19MB.  They 
> guy's starting it up think that because PicoBSD dosn't play nice with 
> 5.x this might be a nice alternative.

this might be interesting for the soekris folks out there(from current@ 

  For example, assuming a 32MB flash memory, one could use the following
  parameters to create an embedded system:

 ./tinybsd.sh 62592 4 32

 Or optionally the name of the output image you want:

 ./tinybsd.sh 62592 4 32 myimage.bin

i like how it is basicly a shell script, so you can take a running 
system and clone it to an embedded device.  anyway it's always good to 
see folks hacking on stuff i'm hacking on ;)


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