[nycbug-talk] those pesky error messages

Pete Wright pete
Thu Jul 29 18:51:50 EDT 2004

Joshua S. Freeman wrote:

>Thanks Scott,
>You are correct, in his reply to my post, Jesse Callaway suggested hitting
>shift-F2, etc... which I interpreted to mean "alt-F2", etc. which enables
>you to switch between virtual terminals.
>I was switching between all the terminals (all 7 of them) but was unable to
>see anything looked like a debug screen..

you may want to check your various logs in /var/log.  i believe you 
already got your system up and booting happily tho.  if that is the case 
then you may want to try installing the package via ports (man ports) or 
pkg_add (man pkg_add).  I highly suggest reading these man pages, they 
are very well written.   The handbook also has some very good 
walkthroughs on both approaches. 

    Quickly, ports will build an application from source, while pkg_add 
will grab preinstalled binaries and install them.  The idea is, if you 
attempt to install php via pkg_add, for example, you will hopefully get 
better error messages on what's going wrong.  I *believe* sysinstall is 
primarily used for initial installs.  I do not know where files are 
logged to after the system is up and running.

>Hopefully you're correct in your prediction.  I'm quite enjoying FreeBSD...
>it's hard for me to describe but it definitely seems to have a more
>'serious' or 'grave' mein than Linux...

IMO BSD is a whole system (a kernel, supporting applications, etc.), in 
contrast to Linux which is "just" a kernel that latches into the GNU 
system.  I like them both alot.  The good news is that they both are free ;p


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