[nycbug-talk] some OS X questions... XDarwin

George Georgalis george
Tue Jun 1 20:53:01 EDT 2004

On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 07:45:30PM -0500, Pete Wright wrote:
>George Georgalis wrote:
>>So, I did manage to get open office running, after I discovered I had
>>to make a system lib keyboard directory and put a USA.keyboard file, I
>>downloaded, in there, whew.  But, I wasn't about to start explaining twm
>>to a novice.  So, is sawfish available? what XDarwin window managers do
>>people recommend? From where? ...I don't really have an opportunity to
>>experiment. It looks like there is something to interface the Mac X API
>>but I couldn't get that to work, was I just missing something?
>when i've ran openoffice from OSX/XFree86 i usually just opened an xterm 
>then ran the app, it should be a bit quicker than running a 
>windowmanager ontop of Quartz or whatever it's called.   this was with 
>10.2.x releases tho, i'm not sure how it's setup now with 10.3.x

Good point, no need to run a window manager... oh, but can you multitask
with other native X apps? Or is your window up till you close it? 

I don't see these details on the website, but basically the OOo package
included several packages (like gv) in addition to the OOo binary and
XDarwin. There is an option to choose the X API OOo will use, native,
something with a snake and an X in the icon, or XDarwin. For me only the
XDarwin X server would work, (I didn't try it in the root window, only
within native display). It works very much like a MacClassic app would
run. This is what it says about ooo103darwingm.dmg

        This build is the DarwinPPC build that requires X11 to run. It
        is ideally targeted for developers and advanced Mac OS X and
        Darwin users who are comfortable using X11. As such, it does
        not yet have a standard Mac OS look and feel. Users who require
        a fully native Mac OS X solution should wait for the Quartz or
        Aqua tracks' releases before using the software when X11 will no
        longer be required.

Oh, it does something funny when running too. It always appears as a
new _disk_ on the desktop from which it runs, in addition to an icon on
the doc and file in /Applications...?? The binary needs to mount itself
locally run from that point. Weird. Even if I stop the app, copy the
content of the mnt point to disk, remove original file and run my new
copy, it mounts itself as a device to run from, again. Maybe I should
let it be. :)

>   but yes, gnome/sawfish/kde/windowmaker/etc. are pretty much all 
>avail.  i use fink (fink.sf.net) altho i know other people that like 
>darwinports (http://darwinports.opendarwin.org/).

darwinports, very nice. look forward to trying that!

// George

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