[nycbug-talk] imap queries

Jesse Callaway jesse
Wed Jun 2 16:45:23 EDT 2004

jromero at romero3000.com wrote:

> does anyone know approximately how much bandwidth the average imap 
> server query takes up??
> how about message downloads??
> I realize these are very general questions. Just looking for ballpark 
> figure.

On a 56k modem it may take up all of the bandwidth. Maybe not. Not much 
data is transferred in IMAP. So, ok nobody uses those to connect who I know.
The next thing to look at would be how many messages pile up between synchs.

so reeeal ballpark. About a webpage's worth of bandwidth. [ducking for 

If you're looking for something which conserves bandwidth then, 
ironically, POP would be the way to go.

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