[nycbug-talk] A bit more on xorg

Scott Robbins scottro
Thu Jun 3 03:36:15 EDT 2004

A day or so ago, I asked had anyone been playing with xorg.  Since then,
I've installed it on a few boxe--more out of boredom than any great
political reason, though one gets the general impression that further
advances in X will be through xorg rather than XFree.  

There's a 50 something message thread about it on bsdforums.  The
procedure is actually pretty straightforward.  In the few days it's been
in ports, a few errors have been corrected--for instance, the
xorg-libraries Makefile put Wraphelp in /distfiles/xorg but looked for
it in /distfiles.  

One of the posters in the thread has been having trouble doing the
upgrade in 4.x, but in 5.x, on three test boxes and my main workstation
at work, as well as main workstation at home, it went quite smoothly.  

In a nutshell, one removes XFree installed packages (not without a
certain sense of trepidation, especially on my main workstation)  :)
and wrapper (all needed pkg_delete -f since there are various deps,)
installs in recommended order, and everything has, at least for several
others and myself, been hunky dory.  The wrapper Makefile has to be
edited.  To save folks a bit of searching, the link to the forums thread
is at


(sorry about the long url, had to set columns to 76 to get it in.)

Note that the first page of the thread is when it first came out.
Within the last few days, most of the problems have been fixed, and
after removing all XFree stuff and wrapper one simply follows the
instructions at http://bsd-unix.org/xorg.txt

The only other caveat is that one should first cvsup ports, then make
sure your version of expat is the same as that in
/usr/ports/textproc/expat2's Makefile. If not, portupgrade that first,
or you'll get a stop error (I'm sorry, I don't remember where, it only
happened once on one of the 5 boxes.)   

Anyway, hope this is of interest to someone--it's 3:30 am and a
headache is keeping me up so I feel like hearing myself type.   :)



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