[nycbug-talk] Woah. . .

G.Rosamond george
Thu Jun 3 19:32:52 EDT 2004

Okay, so first about the meeting last night. . .

Our smallest yet, a little under 20 faces made appearances, but again, 
it seemed discussion was good and the bar conversations were good.

Of course, somewhere around 4 am, my iBook dropped out of my backpack 
and broke that all important delete key.  I'm convinced that drinking 
and driving mix better than drinking and technology.

I also received a couple of important shipments today.

First I got a copy of Dru Lavigne's BSD Hacks that I'm going to review 
for Daemon News and possibly try to get it up on Slashdot.

Then, but a few hours later, I received a box of five BSD Hacks from 
ORA, and one copy of Michael Lucas' Absolute BSD.

Mr. Genoverly, figure out how you want to distribute these books, and 
we'll do an exchange when it's possible.

Whoever takes gets the books should also be required to do reviews, for 
Amazon, B&N, and our site (status?).

Also, we collected $113 dollars at the meeting, plus $3 more from a Ron 
at Tekserve, then an additional $10 from Bob. . .for Dan Langille's 
laptop replacement.  That's a total of $126 for Dan, US Dollars.  The 
check for that amount will go out tomorrow.

Dan, I know it's not everything, but it's at least something.


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