[nycbug-talk] Re: [CAcert.org] Road trip update

mikel king mikel.king
Mon Jun 14 11:16:47 EDT 2004

Duane wrote:

> mikel king wrote:
>>    How about first thing Monday morning on the 5th that way you'll be 
>> able to maximize your time in the city, and drink more bee..uh..er I 
>> mean take more photos...;-)
>>    You'll have to let me know if you need a place to crash.
> At this stage lunchtime (12pm) would be closer, as we'll be doing 3.5 
> -> 4hr drive from Boston before hand... At this stage the plan is to 
> return to Boston same day as I have to fly out the next and I don't 
> want to risk missing the flight, also the flight can't be changed, 
> pity the demand hadn't been expected prior or I would have made other 
> arrangements...
Ok lunchtime it is...I shall find out from the other list members how 
many are going to attend and where would be the best location for this 


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