[nycbug-talk] Microsoft VirtualPC for Mac

Daniel Krook krook
Fri Jun 18 14:55:24 EDT 2004

> I think it
> would be fantastic if I could use Microsoft VirtualPC for Mac to
> run OpenBSD/i386. Anyone here tried it yet?

I installed the Standalone edition of VirtualPC on my Mac a couple of 
months ago do some testing in Windows 2000, and even though it was the 
latest from MS, I seem to recall that there was an option in there to 
install other OSes, including an explicit mention of Linux. 

I did the W2K install via from my own CD and it offered the option of 
adding any number of other OSes later.  I believe the VM masquerades as an 
x86 Pentium II, so I would assume sticking a BSD on there is a 

I'd give it a go myself but I'm in the process of moving and my Mac is 
packed away, so I can't test it for you.

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