[nycbug-talk] freesbie

G. Rosamond george
Mon Mar 1 21:56:15 EST 2004

i'm sure many of you saw the release of freesbie 1.0 from the italian
freebsd user group.  it's a bootable cd image of freebsd with xfce.

i played with it today and it booted very nice.  booted into x easily.
very impressed.  didn't pick up my dns servers via dhcp, but that was
the only thing i noticed.

they have two ftp servers which seem to be getting hammered right now,
so i'm in the process of downloading to our www server.

hopefully, the nycbug traffic can be avoided on their servers.

the file should be ready in about 4 hours.  when it's ready, you can
find the iso at:



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