[nycbug-talk] BSDCAN

G. Rosamond george
Fri Mar 5 10:45:35 EST 2004


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>hey all,
>    I've just booked a flight to BSDcan this may.  Is anyone 
>else in the 
>nycbug going?  I am currently looking to get a room campus, 
>and it looks 
>like there might be a chance to get a group discount on housing if we 
>book...as a group.  go figure.  Anyway, I found plane tix from LGA to 
>Ottawa for about $230 round trip.  The flight isn't that long, 
>about an 
>hour and a half, and i think to drive is about 6 hours according to a 
>friend.  So what's the rest of the BUG up to?

woah.  nice pete.

i think i'm going to drive.  i think i have the passengers already, but
i may have a spot open.

it's a *smoking* car though. . .

does someone want to be centrally involved in keeping track of who wants
to go, sorting out housing, etc?  other than dan, of course.


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