[nycbug-talk] BSD books for admins

Az cistalk
Sun Mar 7 00:51:42 EST 2004

Hi all
i wanted to buy some books for unix system administration ( multiuser
access, MTA,firewalls, scripting,creating shares,workgroups  etc), is there
anybody who can say something about the following books  or recommend some
other ones ?
 i am new in *nix's  world and  was using freebsd 5.1 in cli mode for a last
2-3 months only.
i need the books  that will teach me  how to do all that stuff  in cli not

Unix Shell Programming, Third Edition
Publisher: SAMS; 3rd edition (February 27, 2003)
ISBN: 0672324903
by Stephen Kochan (Author), Patrick Wood (Author)

Absolute BSD: The Ultimate Guide to FreeBSD
by Michael Lucas, Jordan Hubbard

Absolute OpenBSD: UNIX for the Practical Paranoid
by Michael Lucas,
Publisher: No Starch Press; (June 2003)
ISBN: 1886411999

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