[nycbug-talk] current FreeBSD Advocacy thread

Pete Wright pete
Tue Mar 9 10:13:14 EST 2004

Ray wrote:

>On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 10:13:32AM -0500, Pete Wright wrote:
>><rant>not to start a religious war, but i really can't stand the Win2k, 
>>XP etc. installers.  I see no reason why i should have reboot about 4 
>>times to get a basic desktop system, then have to reboot another 4-6 
>>times to just get the thing OK to run on a network.</rant> 
>I'm not sure what you're talking about.  In my experience, booting
>a Windows 2000 CD and installing from there requires one reboot,
>at the end of the installation.
from the re-install i had to do yesterday;
boot from CD, base Win2K system loaded, reboot
then packages get installed, network configured, and join domain, reboot
apply IE service pacthes, reboot
apply Win2K patches, reboot...etc. etc. etc ;^)

seriously tho...i think installing an OS, any OS, is a pretty 
complicated thing.  There are ton's of things that can go wrong, and 
there are ton's of different way's in which a user may want their 
software configured.  One of the virtues of installing most Unix type 
OS's i believe is the flexibility that the user i given.  Sure the 
learning curve may seem steep at the begining, but there is much power 
to be had in a flexible installation process.  just my 2bits tho..

Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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