[nycbug-talk] Info domains

Francisco Reyes lists
Tue Mar 9 18:34:39 EST 2004

> On Tue, 9 Mar 2004, Anthony Sofia wrote:
> > >The domain in question is nycmodel.info
> >
> > It looks like nycmodel.info redirects to www.nycmodel.info (apache vhost?),
> > but www.nycmodel.info has a bad CNAME. Do a 'dig www.nycmodel.info'. Check
> > for a missing period at the end of that CNAME definition in your config.

 Thanks. It seems my ISP messed it up. :-(
 I tell you. I usually do my own DNS with zoneedit, but this was such a
 small site that I didn't think it merit to use zoneedit for it.. argh.

 Thanks for the info. Now I can tell my ISP exactly how they messed it up.

ps.. resend. first try sent with wrong email address and the list bounced

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