[nycbug-talk] May NYCBUG meeting

G. Rosamond george
Thu Mar 11 02:39:13 EST 2004

there seems to be a good buzz about various technical bsd questions
recently on the list.

what about making the may meeting a roundtable.  we break into five
groups, dealing with the top five issues that are submitted via the
list, and document the solutions and discuss.

thoughts?  suggestions?

btw, there will be a new daemon news print edition coming out shortly.
it's been a while.  just went to the printer.  there's an article on us
based on a report i submitted a while back. . .but they are interested
in more submissions.  introductory or advanced.  it's a great
opportunity to get published, and for us, as a user group, to assist the
bsd family.


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