[nycbug-talk] Internet billing

Isaac Levy ike
Fri Mar 19 16:10:49 EST 2004

Hi Francisco, All,

Francisco: thanks for posting- got the vendor name I spoke of before,

On Mar 17, 2004, at 2:28 PM, Francisco Reyes wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Isaac Levy wrote:
>> No answer for you, but I'd LOVE to work with you to find some options
>> and share notes-
> Got two interesting prospects from the FreeBSD-ISP list.
> http://payquake.com
> http://www.paysystems.com
> Searched around for negative feedback for them and did not find any.
> paysystems.com seems it may be better if you plan to have international
> sales. If not for that I would probably go with payquake.
> Payquake also does international sales, but their rates seem too high 
> (or
> at least higher than paysystems.com).


These guys are different from most online payment fulfillment systems, 
because they are one of the companies that actually hold the wires 
between the credit card companies, and banks.  Some of my info may be a 
bit off, but to my understanding, they are 1 of 3 major companies that 
provide retail POS systems, and maintain the data lines that some ATM 
and bank networks use for transactions- and do stuff like big-chain POS 
networks (grocery stores and chain franchises).

With that said, tons of online payment fulfillment companies are 
actually reselling their services.

Thing is- they may have the closest connection to the banks/cc/etc, so 
their rates may in the end prove better (and they may be a more stable 
service provider), BUT, they may not be as good as the smaller 
online-focused companies, like the 2 listed above.

I'll be gunning for some feedback about them in coming weeks, and would 
love to lightly keep this thread active for a while...


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