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G. Rosamond george
Thu Mar 25 14:07:15 EST 2004


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>From: Peter Mui [mailto:pmui at usenix.org] 
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>Subject: Hello from Peter at Usenix
>Hi George and Hans:
>We're holding the Usenix Annual Technical Conference at Boston 
>Copley Place June 27 through July 2 and it has a lot of BSD-oriented  
>features.  We're looking for help promoting it in the NorthEast US:  
>we're putting more of a regional emphasis on our promotion, thinking  
>that there should be lots of potential attendees within driving  
>We're open to any inspired ideas to promote the conference: do 
>you know  
>of any local organizations, corporations, or individuals we should be  
>sure to contact in the NYC area?  For example: do you know anyone who  
>might want to do recruiting at the conference?  (Can we at least get  
>listed on your "Future Events"?)
>And, of course, we're interested in NYCBUG having a strong 
>presence at  
>the event, and could offer you resources to make that happen: would  
>your group like to have an event associated with the conference?  Let  
>me know.
>I'm open to any or all ideas at this point, so feel free to 
>reply with  
>anything that comes to mind.  If you'd prefer to speak by phone I'm  
>happy to talk to you: let me know your phone number and when you're  
>available and I'll try to reach you at that time.
>(See the conference announcement below.)
>Many thanks for any reply, -Peter
>Peter Mui
>USENIX Association
>2560 9th Street STE 215
>Berkeley, CA 94710
>510 548 8649 ext. 28
>pmui at usenix.org
>(cut here)
>Register NOW for the USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC) 
>in Boston  
>June 27-July 2, 2004.
>USENIX's Annual Technical Conference returns to Boston this 
>summer with  
>top name instructors and presenters from academia and industry.   
>Conference Highlights include:
>o  6 days of training with up to 30 tutorial offerings
>o  Famous-name Plenary Sessions every day
>o  2.5 days of General Sessions-original and innovative papers about  
>modern computing systems
>o  2.5 days of FREENIX-a showcase for the latest developments in and  
>interesting applications of free and open source software
>o  Five Full-day Special Interest Group (SIG) Sessions on Security,  
>UseLinux, UseBSD, Extreme Linux and Advanced System Administration.
>o  "Guru Is In" Sessions  pose questions to noted experts in the  
>o  Birds-of-a-Feather sessions (BoFs)
>o  Special social events every evening
>WHAT:    USENIX '04 Annual Technical Conference
>WHEN:    June 27 to July 2, 2004
>WHERE:   Boston, MA: Marriott Copley Place
>WHY:     Great tutorials -- Unique Tech Sessions -- cutting-edge  
>computing issues, developments & resources
>WHO:     Developers, architects, researchers, administrators, 
>students: anyone interested in staying ahead of the curve
>HOW:     Register Now at http://www.usenix.org/usenix04/progm

This is certainly something to discuss further. . .

I told peter we were interested in being involved. . .



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