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>Subject: Job Posting
>What is the appropriate way to post a job to your group?
>Location: New York City
>Length: Long term
>Position Description:
>The new hire will be a member of the Unix team, and will play 
>a key role 
>in the design and development of the new Linux OS platform as well as 
>development, configuration and troubleshooting utilities for both new 
>and existing systems.
>The candidate must have a good working knowledge of Unix including 
>Solaris, AIX, and Linux. Knowledge of shell programming (e.g. Korn, 
>Perl, TCL, etc), development methodologies, provisioning and packaging 
>approaches, and systems mgmt techniques are also prerequisites. The 
>position requires good communication skills as interaction across 
>various organizations within the firm is a requirement of the role.
>Technical Requirements
>. High-level Linux skills (RedHat Advanced Server, RedHat Network)
>. High-level Unix skills (Solaris and/or AIX)
>. Programming and/or scripting (e.g. Perl, Korn, TCL, C etc.)
>. High-level system performance analysis
>. In depth systems mgmt techniques (including large scale 
>patching, monitoring, capacity management, automation etc.)
>. Working knowledge of enterprise storage configurations 
>(preferably EMC)
>. 5+ years of experience implementing and managing large scale Unix 
>. Working knowledge of system management packages such as OpenView
>. Working knowledge of scheduling applications (e.g. Autosys) 
>and backup 
>applications (e.g Legato)
>. Working knowledge of SQL on Sybase and/or UDB

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