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pete at nomadlogic.org pete
Sun May 2 19:38:21 EDT 2004

> OK forgot some stuff too,
> Some other things about portage is that i can update every package that
> needs to be up date which was emerge -u world.

i would seriously check out all of the relevant documentation in the
FreeBSD handbook before assuming that FreeBSD does not have these tools
that you are looking for.  hint, check out "make world".

>That was another nice thing
> and it also doesnt put the tarball in the folder where the ebuild is. It
> puts it in a a tmp folder.

hrm...not too sure that keeping it in a small /tmp partition is the right
place to track source code.  anyway, i'm pretty sure this behaviour can be
modified.  again i'd check out the handbook and the man pages for ports.

the BSD man pages are a very good reference, in my experience they are
better maintained, and have more info, than the GNU man and info systems.


> Tilly
> P.S. Their are probalyl more things.
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