[nycbug-talk] Northbound I-81, WiFi AP

Jesse Callaway jesse
Thu May 13 19:25:30 EDT 2004

On May 13, 2004, at 5:45 PM, Pete Wright wrote:

> Isaac Levy wrote:
>> Wordup all,
>> Starting what we hope will be a series of reports from BSDCAN, some  
>> of  the NYC crew (and one DC rocker) are en route to Ottawa,  
>> currently via  I-81.
>> George Rosamond is driving, Bob Ippolito is DJ with the mp3's  
>> shotgun,  and I'm sharing the back seat with Michael Morefield (DC  
>> BSD dude).
>> Currently, we just passed mile marker 65, 'Owanatta County', New York  
>>  State (near Syracuse).
>> http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?  
>> fakeTab.x=0&fakeTab.y=0&country=US&countryid=250&addtohistory=&searcht 
>> ab  
>> =address&searchtype=address&address=&city=Syracuse&state=ny&zipcode=
>> With that, anyone is free to join our AP while we have it up, Thx. to  
>>  Michael Morefield, for bringing his 3G phone and some mad usb modem   
>> scripts for it...
>> We're driving a Green Honda Civic.  We're doing our best to provide  
>> in  true NYCBUG style.
>> That's all to report for now...  and the fun hasn't even started  
>> yet...
> wow that's awesome.  jesse and i just got into our room at the uni.   
> looks like they have ethernet wired to all the rooms.  yea.  we are  
> setting up our wi-fi lan right now.  we are in room 801 in the  
> residence halls so anyone can feel free to see us!
> -pete

Everyone I know has a cel phone, but I am excited having brought my  
VoIP device from home. Now my home phone number works on the dorm phone  
here. Local calls (718) to my friends!

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